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My Idols Experience


My Idols Experience

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Joining South African Idols from the very first season was one amazing experience for me. As Musical Director for the 10 seasons, my job began with the top 100, right down to the Finale. The most intensive work started at the top 12, when my 9-piece band joined the spectacular shows in theater.

For the next 10 weeks thereafter, I was involved for 7 days a week. During the first two days of the week, I worked with every contestant, editing and planning the new songs, which would include a piano recording for rehearsal purposes. Day 3, 4 and 5, I spent doing all the creative work arranging for the band.

The band, contestants and TV crew would move into the theater on day 6 and 7 for rehearsals, with the live show on the evening of day 7. The next morning the whole process would start all over again.

I completed 7 seasons of Idols for M-Net, 1 season for Kyknet Idols and parts of West and East African Idols.

See my video and photos below for a behind the scenes look of my Idols experience.



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