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The Studio


The Studio

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In 2008, I moved into my new studio – situated 45 minutes from Johannesburg. The studio consists of 3 key areas. The first being the Control Room.

Control Room

This is where I “fly my Boeing” from a 96 channel Yamaha DM2000 mixing console. The mixing console is connected to an 8 Core, 64GB Ram, Apple Mac Pro, running Logic Pro 10 music software, as well as three sets of speakers from manufacturers KRK V8, Yamaha and Genelec.

Various Midi controllers and equipment is used in the studio to produce and programmme sound tracks.

Some of the Internal Sound or Sample packages I use include:

– East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus:
   –  Brass
   –  Percussion
   –  Strings
   –  Woodwinds
   –  Choirs

– Goliath
– Gypsy
– Ministry of Rock 2 (Drums, Basses, Guitars)
– QL Pianos
– Stormdrum 2
– Toontrack Drums
– Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
– Trillian Basses
– Chris Hein Horns

Midi Controllers used in the control room include a Yamaha Motif 8 Keyboard, and a Korg Triton Pro Keyboard

The Drum Room

The drum room accommodates a Yamaha Maple Custom drum kit with Zildjian Cymbals. Then state-of-the-art microphones are used to record drum tracks played by professional drummers.

The Main Room

Here you will find my Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, and several microphones for recording various acoustic instruments and vocals.

This studio is where I produce all of my projects. Click on the thumbnails below to see more.